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Time is Right to Update or Invest in a New Business Card

In the increasingly digital universe, business cards are a fundamental real-world marketing tool – a sort of physical web page. More so than any other print medium, business cards are personal and reflect the individual offerings and business style of a professional.

It may be tempting, with the emergence of social media and mobile advertising, to forgo updating your business card, but for that very reason, it may be more important than ever.

Today's marketing environment requires professionals of all types to incorporate a broad promotional strategy – not employ only a web page and a Twitter feed.

"Did you know that business cards are among the few things that people actually hold on to when given? In Japan, for example, they are coveted," points out Michael Tasner in the Huffington Post.

"Make your card stand out and load it up with information," he adds. "If this one item was the only thing a potential customer had, would it move the needle forward towards a sale or farther away?"

BtoB magazine reported this month that commercial printing shipments have risen steadily in recent weeks, suggesting the industry is not going away, merely evolving. With this in mind, it seems is essential that businesses develop a comprehensive print marketing strategy.

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