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Three crucial points for a successful print marketing campaign

Print marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote a business or product. People only want to spend so much time looking at computer or television screens, so the potential to deliver a palpable object into the hands of an audience is a much sought-after advertising goal.

For businesses or professionals looking to launch a serious print advertising campaign, simplicity, message and design are the biggest priorities.

A simple message will increase the chances of an audience reacting to it; long-winded and wordy messages will rarely hold peoples’ attention. But simplicity also applies to the design of your message – be it anything from a billboard to a brochure to a tiny business card.

Like anything else, too much color is overwhelming and, more often than not, an unpleasant sensation. A color scheme will symbolically describe your business’ attitude. For example, blue and white tend to be more soothing – evoking a calculated, but simplistic image. Contrastingly, red is much more intense and will likely be construed as such.

Many print marketers have a lot to say and try to fit it all into one printed message. This is usually a costly mistake. Businesses should reserve details for consumers who have already expressed interest. A strong print marketing campaign should merely seek to capture the curiosity of prospective consumers.

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