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The White List #5: When is it ok to break the rules?

When sending emails, do we need to always follow the rules? We all want to know when is the best time, or how long should the subject line be? Is it really that bad to put all caps in my subject line?

I found a great article from Market Profs (you may have to sign-up to fully read it, but it is worth the sign-up) about five companies that break the “best practice” rules and get great results. Email marketers like Apple, Chris Brogan, and successfully use tactics like:

1. All Caps in the Subject Line

2. A Whole Bunch of Text, Few Links, and No Clear Call to Action

3. An Ugly Template

4. Leading with One Big Image

5. Breaking Every Rule Imaginable

We need to look at best practices as a guideline and not a hard rule to sending campaigns. Testing is the only way to truly know what works best with your customers.

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