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The White List #3: Can We Get Personal?

Can We Get Personal?

Hey, (insert your name here)! Julie here, with a little tip on personalization. Who hasn’t received an email with your first name in the subject line? I know I have. I get one addressed to “Todd” about once a month from my cell phone provider. Okay, so the account is in my husband’s name, it’s close right? WRONG!

We’ve all tried inserting a customer’s name hoping they’ll think we’re talking just to them.

But Next Day Flyers’ ESP, Blue Sky Factory, has some good advice on how to personalize emails without playing the same old name game. As an example, try personalizing based on location, or by adding in anything news worthy that’s happening in a specific region of the country. For instance, if a particular area is having a heat wave – this might be a great opportunity to relate to a specific group. “Hot enough for you? We’re having a sale on bathing suits!” Or, you can gather information on past purchases and then send your customers emails with products that compliment, or relate to, specific items they’ve already purchased. Amazon is great at doing this, and you’ve probably noticed that a whole new crop of websites are really trying to be customer specific by asking what you like, or by having you rate the options they send you. And guess what? It really works! So, don’t settle for the same old; be creative and speak to your customers in a new way.

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