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The White List #10: Real Estate Advice from your Friendly Email Marketer

Layout of an email is crucial.  You always want to make sure you’re maximizing the prime real estate of an email. We all know to put all crucial points above the fold-zone but there are a few more tricks to ensuring your customers read and act!

I found this article from about Maximizing Prime Real Estate within Emails which offers 3 tips to achieving email success!

1. Understand the user experience. When designing an email campaign, account for how a reader will actually interact with it. Consider these factors:

  • Recipients take just seconds to decide if an email is worth taking a closer look at. Over 50 percent decide not to scroll.
  • Recipients generally read left to right, top to bottom.
  • Recipients click all over the place, including nonclickable areas. Ensure all nonstructural template graphics, including supporting imagery, icons and, most importantly, your logo, are clickable.
  • An email’s first paragraph is generally the most read, so make sure it focuses on your primary message with a system text call to action.
  • Use bullets (with the strongest benefit listed first), as recipients don’t usually read entire sentences or headlines.

By understanding how your emails are read, you can tailor their design and content to better facilitate the user experience towards your desired objectives.

2. Give every email the “who, what, why” test. Every email you create should allow recipients to quickly answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you want?
  • Why should I do that?

There are a variety of creative ways you can help answer these questions. The most important requirement is to include some system text that clearly outlines your pand name, primary message and at least one clear and actionable call to action. Keep in mind, the closer you are to the top and left edge, the more likely your primary message will be read — regardless of the preview pane or blocked images.

3. Incorporate a preheader. Using a system text preheader is an effective tool to overcome blocked images and quickly communicate the value of reading your message. This is especially true if your emails are image-heavy postcards where your entire message could be blocked out.

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