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The White List #1

A Four-Step Plan to Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers

Welcome to The White List! My name is Julie and I am in charge of NDFs email marketing program and have been the lead on email strategy and execution for 3 years. I’ll be giving you weekly tips and tricks to keep your emails white listed and your campaigns relevant!

It’s that time of the year again… time to reach out to some old friends we’ve lost touch with. No I’m not talking about that creepy high school ex who found you on Facebook six months ago. I’m referring to those inactive customers on your email list.

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s a perfect time to reengage them and get them back on the “active” list! I found a great article from Silverpop, an engagement marketing company, that lists a 4 step plan to re-engage your dormant customers:

1. Segment your inactive subscribers into customers who have made a purchase and prospects who have done nothing more than open a message.

2. Create reactivation campaigns that give recipients clear opportunities to re-engage or unsubscribe.

3. Manage nonresponders, for instance by sending less frequent, more aggressive offers. If you become confident they’re unlikely to re-engage, remove them from your active database.

4. Monitor and optimize your reactivation campaigns based on the results you see.

Sounds like solid advice to me – now let’s get out there and reengage those inactive customers! For a deeper dive into each step of the plan, click here!

Happy Holidays!

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