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The Top 3 Printed Materials for Running a Non-profit Campaign

Running a non-profit campaign is slightly different than running a traditional advertising campaign because the nature of the cause compels people to become more interested. As a result, it's a good idea to present more information than a marketer would because people naturally want to help others. Consider these printed materials for your next non-profit campaign.

Charity and non-profit organizations touch so many people and spend so much time and energy to improve the lives of others. The stories that describe those efforts are usually long and detailed and deserve a lengthy description. A booklet provides organizations with the opportunity to share their story with potential donors and volunteers.

Though they aren't quite as long as booklets, brochures can still provide a great deal of information about a non-profit group or event. While booklets might be best used in a mailing campaign or at an event where they're delivered by hand, brochures are small and affordable. This means that they can be displayed prominently and taken to be read on the go.

Door hanger printing
A doorknob or handle is one of the few places that's impossible not to notice. People on their way to and from work will immediately see a door hanger printing, and though it might not contain nearly as much information as a booklet, its arresting nature makes up for its brevity by quickly indicating the cause it supports.  

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