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The Role of Excitement and Experience in Direct Mail Marketing

In many ways, the drive to deliver relevant and engaging content is about delivering an experience to customers and prospects. While web and digital-based media can certainly accomplish this, print items, particularly those that arrive in the mail, can really excite consumers – almost like receiving a gift.

Three-dimensional media and packaging may be the most enticing, but they are also more expensive to develop. That being said, business marketers should realize that they can ensure their prospects have an experience through traditional formats as well.

"How you conduct the transaction is marketing, how you deliver or present the product or service is marketing, how you continue to educate and make additional offers is marketing and how you stay in touch to measure results is marketing," writes John Jantsch for Duct Tape Marketing.

For that matter, Jantsch recommends that marketers begin the experience with the delivery of a direct mail item. Develop a captivating package for your materials and a unique means of opening it. This may include a simple business card posted to the package or an elaborate  unraveling schematic that boosts consumers' excitement.

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