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The Latest Tips For Making Brochures

Mir Print recently identified key tips that can help marketers create effective brochures including good design, writing and where to distribute the brochures.

According to the news source, simple designs for brochures tend to get the marketing message across to consumers clearly. Robert Mirzakhanian, owner of Mir Print and Graphics, said text and graphics should be balanced so nothing distracts the consumer from the core message.

“Designs shouldn’t be garish or busy, but be unique so someone can identify the brochure at a glance,” Mirzakhanian said.

Marketing messages on brochures should be clear and concise. The language should be conversational, but provide compelling information to engage the customer’s interest. While text should be limited to the most important marketing information, the content should be something consumers want to read. Brochures can be brought door-to-door, sent in the mail or handed out on-site or at exhibits and trade shows. Stores, hotels and transportation stations are great distribution centers as well, according to Mirzakhanian.

ClickZ reported that direct marketing efforts must have a measurable return on investment. The key to a successful direct marketing campaign involves collecting data, measuring results, and adjusting the campaign to learn from recorded failures and successes. Efforts must be tested so that any problems can be fixed prior to the campaign’s launch. This will save time and money, while also ensuring effective marketing materials are being sent to the consumers.

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