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The general outline of a direct mail message

Drafting direct mail marketing material may seem like an intuitive process, but there is a lot more to writing copy, designing the layout and choosing a format – flyer, postcard, brochure or newsletter – than one may first assume.

For instance, the title and first sentence are likely as far as most prospects will read, so these words should be written and placed accordingly, clarifying what it is your company is offering and how it can be acquired.

"Keep your opening paragraph brief and state your reason for writing," writes Second Opinion Marketing. "The body of the letter can then give a bit more detail; maybe brief details about the product or service and the benefits your recipient will receive from using it. You might need to give a simple example, case study or testimonial."

If you've managed to retain a reader's attention through the entirety of the message, the last chance you have to incite them to action is the conclusion.

Accordingly, this section should include all necessary information the prospect needs in order to proceed with your product or service. Offers, rebates and special deals can help, but be sure to include all available contact information.

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