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The best marketing campaigns stand out among rivals’

Over the past couple of years, marketers have come to realize that social media is not some passing fad and that its relevance to both consumers and businesses is universal and still growing.

But whenever a new promotional medium rears its head – be it radio, television or the internet – marketers are quick to embrace traditional approaches for new technologies. This is often a mistake and is the reason why banners ads and commercial pop-ups have waned in recent years.

However, plenty of brilliant and innovative marketing professionals have begun forging unique, integrative campaigns that utilize different mediums across multiple demographics.

One such idea revolves around promoting an online community for a certain product or service.

"Marketers have jumped on the relatively recent explosion of online communities," writes Matthew Latkiewicz in a recent Mashable post. "If customers have the ability to talk to one another, why not create an incentive and a space for them to talk about your brand? … Campaigns that encourage community among their customer base can really help to build loyalty."

Other unique campaigns that have been launched in recent months include activities in which consumers can "choose their own adventure" or direct the events of a storyline through interactive tools and reality show-like voting.

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