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The Art of Design #31: Making the Cut

Business Cards. Gotta have one if you’re in business. Gotta have a really cool one if you wanna have people take notice and remember your business. Here are some of the better business cards that take advantage of the technique of die cutting. Yes, die cutting adds to the expense of your business card. But investing in the first impression can pay off.

Some of these examples are a cut above because of the way that the concept ties directly to the business category or name. Others just have fun with the added creativity die cutting brings to the design. May these provide you with extra inspiration for future designs.

Julian Burgess
Someone named Julian (notice how it works in either direction).

Wind Warp (nice use of the M and the W)

Ornithologist (love the binocular reference)

W spin (a mountain climber)

Yoga Business Card
A yoga studio (stretch those fingers)

Camera Lens Business Card
A photographer (you immediately know what the occupation is)
Radio communications (another excellent use of the shape)

Albert Polyakov
This guy is serious!

Mineral Water Business Card
Excellent use of shape.

Lipitty Doos Business Card

Cafe Java Business Card
Love it!

Microphone Business Card
Voice over microphone shape is really memorable.

Karate Club
Karate Club (very clever!)
Not breakthrough but still stands out.
Unique shape combined with embossing adds rich texture.

die cut business cards
Like the B for Bridge (name of owner)

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One thought on “The Art of Design #31: Making the Cut

  1. Mark – Thank you for featuring the Business card I put together for my neighbor, Rick Anderson (

    We were trying to economize in making something that Rick could hand out and and leave at a HOME SHOW during the crash. We only made 100 of these cards, printed out on my computer, and hand-cut and hand-punched. He had just started his blog on, sharing lots of free remodeling advice. He got some response from it, so it served it purpose, without us spending lots of money. He has since moved on to developing websites …

    Sincerely, Kim

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