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The Art of Design #17: Die Cuts

The final product we’ll be talking about in our Art of Design series is here! No, this won’t be the last post; instead we’ll be updating all of the wonderful products we’ve already talked about, because you can never have too much inspiration, tips, tutorials and just a plain good ol’ fashion reminder of how wonderful designing print products can be!

Before that, let’s talk Die Cuts! Since die cuts can be as varied as your imagination, we thought we’d provide you with an all inspiration post centered around business cards, but with some brochure ideas thrown in for good measure. Let them inspire you to show your true creativity beyond the printing standards set by the man. Break the mold and mold the die cut!

Showcase of Die Cut Business Cards

Awesome Die Cut Business Cards

24 Creative Die Cut Business Cards

Creative Die Cut Brochures

Creative Examples of Round Die Cut Business Cards

25 Unique Die Cut Business Cardss

Die Cut Business Card : 30 Creative Examples

15 Round Die Cut Business Cards Examples

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