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The Art of Design #10: Magnets

Magnets are magical! Using their own magnetic field and the earth’s poles, we create the wonderful abitlity to hold up notes on the fridge! (and some other inventions) For a business or event, the magnet is a great way to keep your message in front of your client all the time. Whether it’s in their kitchen, office or even on your own car, the message will be shown to them on a daily basis. It really can be an amazing sub-concious marketing tool.

For this week we have featured some tips on designing your Magnets and choosing the right type for your needs. This week on The Art of Design: Magnets.

Market Your Graphic Design Business with Magnets and Stickers


Choosing the Best Fridge Magnets for Business Advertising Needs

How To Design Memorable Custom Magnets

Save the Date Magnets – 3 Helpful Design Tips

Five Tips for Purchasing the Perfect Car Magnet Sign for Your Small Business

How do I make my save the date magnets stand out?

Calendar Refrigerator Magnets Are a Great Tool

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