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The Art of Design #1: Business Cards

Welcome to the first The Art of Design blog article! Each week, we will be focusing on the great art of print design, with each article focusing on a specific print product. From flyers to postcards to posters to even custom items, we will help inspire, teach and provide free resources to make the best print designs you can make.

This week… the mother of all print…. the BUSINESS CARD!

100 Unique Business Cards Design Inspiration

125 Business Card Templates PSD Files

31+ Blank Business Card Templates

30 Unique Examples of Transparent Business Cards

Creative Add-Ons for Your Business Card

How to Create a Unique Mommy Card

An Online Showcase of Cool and Unique Custom Business Cards

How to Make Your Business Cards Unforgettable

Create a 3D business card

How to make a Business Card with Inkscape (A Free Design Software you can download here)


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