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Answer 4 Simple Questions about Your Customers

The best place to start when developing copy for online sites and social media, or for direct mail campaigns, is with your customers. But, what if you don’t have the time, or money, to do market research – or even to develop and implement a survey to gather information about your customers?

Let’s face it – gone are the days when customers were loyal to a brand just for the sake of being loyal. In today’s market they just have too many choices. But this in and of itself gives us a key about your customers:

Key: you don’t necessarily need to know who your customers are IF you know why they buy from you.

Because customers have so many easy methods for buying from multiple companies today, if they are buying from you chances are very good that they either:

  1. like your product or
  2. like something about how you deliver your product

With this premise in mind, you need to ask yourself, with all products being equal with your competitors, what then are you doing different that is bringing customers to you?  Take this quick survey yourself

  1. Do you have the lowest price?
  2. Do you have the best service?
  3. Do you have the best location?
  4. Do you advertise more and better so you are easier to find?

Whichever question you answered yes to might very well be a primary reason why customers choose you. This then, is the area you need to emphasize in your marketing. To succeed in today’s market, the bottom line is, you can be just good enough in three of these areas but you must excel in at least one.

Once you figure out which area it is (where did you say yes?), then create your campaigns around your area of excellence. And if your area is number 4, the fact that you advertise more and better so you are the easiest to find, then certainly don’t back off of doing that. 

It’s great to have extensive information about your customers so you can create highly targeted campaigns. But often this is just not possible for small or limited budget companies. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do a little personal detective work to give yourself an educated leg up on the competition.

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