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Taking a Fresh Look at Business Cards

It's not difficult to see how marketing and graphic design professionals can sometimes over-think their strategies when trying to attract the attention of prospects.

Take business cards, for example. These simple self-marketing devices have been the subject of constant debate as to what works and what doesn't – not to mention some Hollywood lampooning in the film American Psycho.

With this in mind, communications consultant Scott Ginsburg decided to lay 66 different business cards randomly about a table, shut his eyes, then open them and jot down which cards caught his attention. Sometimes it's as simple as that.

Writing for, Ginsburg noted that every card with the color red stood out, as did those with pictures and that were formatted vertically. Cards with black backgrounds, as opposed to the usual white, also jumped out.

"Beyond pictures, any colourful image captured attention if it took up at least a quarter of the total card space," the Globe and Mail Blog writes. "Before acting on those tips, you may want to try the exercise yourself and see what piques your attention from the array of cards before you. Mr. Ginsburg suggests putting your own card in the mix to see how it fares."

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