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#Success2014: Become a Marketing Pro With Twitter

Every business, if it wants to succeed, has to grow and continue building its brand. There are many pieces involved in the puzzle of how to do it, and successful social networking is just one of them. Twitter, a social networking and microblogging platform, is popular for personal use, but it can be even more powerful when used as a marketing tool for your business.…

Our Daily Best: Week of Feb. 14th

As the days go by, we have the chance to be the best we can be, everyday. That takes learning, trying, failing and getting better. That’s why we do Our Daily Best for you. We aspire to help you to become better at what you already do well.

You can find yourself here every week for the best of the best from our daily posts, featuring Marketing, Design, Photography and more! For even better results, check the NDF Blog every day and catch the fish fresh!

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Tips & Bits #17: Funny Twitter Tips and Bits

Twitter is amazing. Do you know what the Twitter record is? Set New Year’s Eve in Japan, a total of 6,939 tweets per second just after the clock struck midnight.

But Twitter is not just for increasing your reach and growing your subscriber base. It can also serve as fodder for some pretty comedic bits.

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