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Tag: Tips and Bits

Tips & Bits #46: So You Want To Create a Brand

Do you know exactly what makes your company, business, product, or service interesting, compelling and different?

Unless you’ve made the effort to define your position in the market and to communicate it using engaging language, your brand is condemned to be an also-ran, if it’s lucky enough to survive at all.…

Tips & Bits #44: Can You Sustain a Relationship with Your Online Community?

Often people think that a healthy relationship “just happens.” Unfortunately, what your mother used to tell you, “just be yourself and everyone will love you,” isn’t always true. So if you’re responsible for the care and feeding of an online community for yourself or your business, here’s some advice that will help you attract and retain members rather than being a lonely community of one.…

Tips & Bits #40: Crisis? What crisis?

It happens now with ever increasing frequency. A company or a person in the spotlight gets caught behaving inappropriately or committing a crime. The next steps could lead to certain disaster or lead to a turnaround that can result in a repaired and strengthened public image.

Contrary to the old saying “Any PR is good PR,” you and your company can’t afford to appear before the public with a black eye without a good explanation. A little pre-crisis planning can help you be prepared should the unthinkable occur. …

Tips & Bits #37: The Quest for Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs have been around for hundreds of years. One such plan dates back to 1793 when a merchant gave out copper tokens which customers would collect and later exchange for items in the store.

More than two centuries later, a lot has changed, but the concept of loyalty programs still remains a constant: to achieve customer retention and encourage repeat purchases. Here are some of the more innovative customer loyalty programs from around the globe.…

Tips & Bits #36: The DIY Way to Build Your Marketing Plan

For those involved in the operation and growth of a small business, we present a Do It Yourselfer’s approach to Marketing Planning based on the same principles employed by large corporations with budgets that allow the work to be carried out by advertising agencies or marketing consultants.…

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