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Tag: technology

Sweet Spot #22: HD Camera, Corner pocket

A couple days ago Cisco announced the end of an era. The maker of the trendy and stylish Flip Video Camcorder, Pure Digital, was acquired by Cisco in 2009 for a large sum, but now the popular line of pocket HD Cameras is being closed down. This sort of left me and a few others in a lurch, just getting into the market for a good, cheap, portable camcorder. Where do we turn to now? I think it could be toward the Kodak Playsport!

Sweet Spot #20: Geeking Out with my Tablet Out

Last weekend you might have noticed an electricity surge by way of Vegas, because it hosted the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where the worlds leading manufacturers/retailers of all things technology gather to exhibit the latest and greatest gadgets. Every year there are show favorites and every year there is a popular trend in the new “it” gadget. This year, it was all about TABLETS! This last year, tablets have been made commercially viable by, but I must iterate, not invented by, Apple. Many companies showcased their own tablets, in hopes to compete with their popular iPad. The clear “Best In Show” gadget of CES? The Motorola Xoom tablet!