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Tag: small business marketing

Marketing Small Business During a Recession

Small businesses, particularly those with limited resources, are vulnerable during recession. In today’s economic crisis, cutting advertising spending has become a popular practice. Many owners are on a quest for innovative and cost effective marketing solutions. Recession or not you must continue to promote your products and company.

Freelance & Small Business Marketing Survival Kit:

4 Critical steps every small business should take.

When one thinks “marketing” they often think big budget. However, some of the most essential steps to market your brand and look professional cost little to nothing. Donna Sozio1, a successful marketing entrepreneur and published author, applied this philosophy to sell her book, “Never Trust a Man in Alligator Loafers,” to a major publisher. Within three short weeks, she generated successful media publicity on KISS F.M. and The Tyra Banks Show. Her secret? Donna recommends having a media and marketing plan from the get go. Always present yourself as an expert in your field. And use every opportunity to brand yourself.