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Tag: SEO

Optimizing Your Digital Storefront For Local SEO Can Maximize In-Store Success

Many consumers carry out product and pricing research online before buying at a local brick and mortar store. A 2010 survey by BIA/Kelsey and ConStat confirmed that 97 percent of consumers investigate future purchases using online media. …

SEO Tips For 2011: Writing Optimized Title Tags

I’m a sucker for SEO talk. It’s pretty much my favorite thing. And I love it when I hear other SEOs make sweeping generalizations about SEO strategies and methods. For example, I recently overheard someone talking about title tags. Apparently, they should always contain the brand *and* be less than or equal to 70 characters. Sure. Okay. That is the general rule of thumb for title tags. But is it right for every website in every industry all of the time? I say “NO WAY!” Let me tell you why.

Photobomb #17: Gigapixel Image, Macro Shots, SEO and a lot of How-to!

You can do it! You can make a Gigapixel Image! You can shoot portraits with a single light! You can get macro shots with any lens! You can even be just like JC Penney (until Google catches you).

You can do all these things and more simply by checking out this week’s Photobomb!

Finding Yourself #2: Local SEO Tips & 10 Local Business Listings to Claim

In today’s search landscape, if you cannot be found in a local search, you will have trouble competing in your city. You may have an awesome product, venue and/or brand, and your SEO may be awesome, too. You might even have an amazing ad campaign and an incredible publicity strategy. Each of those will obviously have a big impact for your company. However, you also need to start thinking about local search and/or local SEO. Because nowadays, if you do not rank locally for “city+keyword” searches related to your products, you will miss out on a lot of potential business.