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Tag: Print Design

10 Free PSD Product Design Templates

Starting or updating your portfolio can be a challenging task for most designers. I found 10 (plus) free PSD and EPS templates that can help you to start and spark an idea for cool product shots, mock ups, building a portfolio, or just for fun! Poking around the templates can be also a great idea to see how layering and masking can be done. These templates can work really well with print and web design pieces… mock it up!

Business Card Origami: Who Says Business Can’t Be Fun?

All work and no play makes everybody cranky. So if you need a little break, you can use your business card to entertain yourself. Here are a couple of basic projects. If you get hooked, just search for business card origami on the internet and you’ll find plenty of plans to keep you busy for a long time.

The Art of Design #24: Menus

This week on The Art of Design we return to the yummiest of all print products; the Menu. As the 2nd most important thing behind the actual food, the menu is critical to entice a hungry patron before they even know what they want. It must delight the eyes and wet the appetitite, yet be informative enough to leave the customer satisfied in their order. Keep the restaurant cooking with these tips, tutorials, FREE templates and more!…

Postcard Power

The humble postcard is an influential communications vehicle thanks to its place in history. Long before advertisers and marketers began using them, they were an inexpensive way to let the folks back home know who was on vacation. So when the average consumer is confronted by this unassuming rectangular piece of cardstock, the first reaction is usually a smile and a fond memory.

Classic Business Card Designs: A Look Through the Time Machine

Over the past few months, a lot of attention has been given to business card design. We’ve seen beautiful full color/full bleed designs that are eye-catching and vibrant. We’ve been inspired by out of the box thinking that turns a two dimensional object into a 3-D display that allows interaction between the card and a human being.