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How to Avoid a Perfect Failure: 4 Tips From a Serial Entrepreneur

James Shiner, founder and CEO of Yelling Mule, prides himself on “shipping.” A serial entrepreneur with 10 ventures under his belt, James took many chances before launching Yelling Mule, a boutique website design company. As a successful entrepreneur, James offers new and upcoming businesses some sound advice on setting attainable goals and finding a work-life balance.…

18 Corporate Identity Graphic Design Samples

We all know how important branding is and that means your brand identity package needs to be very well designed or your maximum potential may never be reached. It is essential you hire a talented corporate identity designer to create your brand’s graphic design package such as a logo, business cards, flyers, letterheads, website and so on. Everything needs to be consistent in style and it should project the exact image and message your brand is trying to spread. We have put together a great collection of corporate identity graphic design samples below as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to re-brand.

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Tips & Bits #37: The Quest for Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty programs have been around for hundreds of years. One such plan dates back to 1793 when a merchant gave out copper tokens which customers would collect and later exchange for items in the store.

More than two centuries later, a lot has changed, but the concept of loyalty programs still remains a constant: to achieve customer retention and encourage repeat purchases. Here are some of the more innovative customer loyalty programs from around the globe.…

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