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Tag: holiday

Sweet Spot #16: Summertime Signature Sipping Station

Labor Day is right around the corner, do you have plans? Time to plan your end-of-summer celebration! As a perpetual-yet-purely-non-professional party planner myself, I always find grandiose new ideas I want to try or delicious little new foods I want to make for my guests, but I always run into the same problem… I run out of time. Some of you might be saying, ‘Candie, how can you run out of time when you plan each event months in advance!?!’ LOL, I say this to myself every time too! I’ve found that it’s not the planning that needs more time, it’s the preparation, and there’s not much wiggle room there, since most is done the day of a party. So I’ve learned to simplify each idea into under 3 steps and under 10 minutes, with easy instructions that I can delegate.

25 Cats Who Hate Christmas

I always think its funny when people dress up their cats for the holidays and while I am sure some cats love Christmas these cats below sure seem to be in “grinchy” mood! Feel free to add some funny “lolcats” style comments on these photos and post links to the pics or show us your own cats who hate Christmas photos! Happy holidays everyone and I hope these kitties get more into the holiday spirit this year.

Sweet Spot #8: Greening Your Halloweening

I’ve been wanting to write about a “green” topic for a while, and this month I couldn’t resist another rhyme, so I am featuring the Green Halloween! There are many green themes and ideas out there when it comes to Halloween.

You can recycle or make your own costume, you can reuse all of your decorations or decorate with nature, turn your Jack-o-Lanterns into compost after the holiday, etc. I’m all about simplicity, so for this Sweet Spot will just focus on the best part about Halloween (and let’s face it, I love a theme): the CANDY!