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What’s Next: How to Create a Festive Holiday Care for Your Business

This is a great suggestion from Rachelle Harding because in just 16 weeks, the holidays of December will be upon us. When your business sends out holiday greeting cards to clients and maybe even prospects, it helps create a little bit of a relationship.

It helps differentiate your company from those that ignore the holidays. And companies of every size need a competitive edge to survive in these challenging economic times.

Copy Chat – Small Business Marketing Tips for Thriving this Holiday Season

As you continue to develop your copy for the 2010 holiday season and fine tuning your last minute campaigns, keep the following tips in mind to help your small business make the most of the consumer spending season.

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Quick and Quirky Holiday Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

A little economic stress doesn’t mean you can’t have fun – and success – this holiday marketing season. When you’re developing your seasonal marketing plan for this year, think convenience and bargains for your customers. The economy has made some people a bit more stressed out than usual, so the easier you can make it for them to purchase from you, the better.

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Holidays 2010 – Are You Ready?

Google research shows that consumers are feeling pretty good about the upcoming 2010 holiday season and at this point last year 44% of consumers had already started their holiday shopping.1 It does seem that the push for holiday sales comes earlier each year, and you may not be personally thrilled to see Christmas ornaments for sale before you’ve even had your last summer BBQ. However, if you’re running a business, online or off, don’t delay getting your holiday campaigns going because when those early shoppers start shopping, you want to be there for them.

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On the Go Mother’s Day Marketing

Mother’s Day is certainly a large holiday as far as marketing is concerned but, believe it or not, it was not invented by retailers. In fact, Mother’s Day celebrations have been going on in one form or another, for a very long time. One of the earliest celebrations (that we know of) was the annual spring festival in ancient Greece that was dedicated to Rhea, mother to many deities. The ancient Romans had a holiday that was dedicated to Juno during which mothers usually received gifts. Europe has had a number of long standing traditions where a specific Sunday was set aside to honor mothers such as Mothering Sunday.

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