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The Social Media Sheriff #14: Google+, Google+, Google+… & Sweden

Yiiiiihaaaww! The Sheriff rides into town once more to rustle up some social media goodness for you city folks. It’s been a while since Ol’ Rusty has come into town but I’ve brought with me a heaping, helping of social media news, tips, tutorials and overall rootin, tootin fun!

Google+ is the big steer this trip, but don’t miss Facebook’s new video chat, Obama on Twitter and Sweden just being Sweden, all wrangled up for you by The Social Meda Sheriff

Sweet Spot #20: Geeking Out with my Tablet Out

Last weekend you might have noticed an electricity surge by way of Vegas, because it hosted the annual Consumer Electronics Show, where the worlds leading manufacturers/retailers of all things technology gather to exhibit the latest and greatest gadgets. Every year there are show favorites and every year there is a popular trend in the new “it” gadget. This year, it was all about TABLETS! This last year, tablets have been made commercially viable by, but I must iterate, not invented by, Apple. Many companies showcased their own tablets, in hopes to compete with their popular iPad. The clear “Best In Show” gadget of CES? The Motorola Xoom tablet!

Tips and Bits #8: Keep up with Google, Yahoo and Bing (SEO-Tips)

From the Official Google Blog

“Being bad to your customers is bad for business”

“A recent article by the New York Times related a disturbing story. By treating your customers badly, one merchant told the paper, you can generate complaints and negative reviews that translate to more links to your site; which, in turn, make it more prominent in search engines.”

The Social Media Sheriff Rides Into Town

Yiiiheeehhaaa… The Social Media Sheriff is riding into town, here to give you the low-down on Social Media.  Y’all will find the latest news, resources, tips, ideas and as much good ol’ fashion rootin tootin social media fun that I can rustle up.  Together we’ll get a wrangle on the ever changing ways to make the most out of this here wild west Social Media world!