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Tag: food

Sweet Spot #21: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

I, like most people, am guilty of what some call “champagne taste on a beer budget” or “eyes bigger than her stomach” or “expensive” or simply “living beyond her means”. It’s a heavy load to bear, especially without help from trust funds or doctor salaries. Lately, with the help of a growing number of discount shopping sites, made popular by Groupon, shopping has become much more accessible, affordable, easier and less stressful than outlets and Ross. No more buying generic or fake to get the deal; we want the real deal, the name brand!

Wet Your Holiday Appetite at the Los Angeles Taste of the World Festival

November 2010

This season whet your holiday appetite at the Los Angeles Taste of the World Festival. This unique event celebrates the food, music, art, culture and dancing from the countries and cultures found throughout the United States. This year the Los Angeles Festival begins on Friday November 5th and goes through Sunday November 7th, 2010.  

Sweet Spot #6: Plan to Plate the Perfect Party

I don’t even know how I found these, but I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life! It was like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. I dreamt about the Holy Grail of party plates, but couldn’t ever find it. I knew I’d seen them somewhere before, but what are they called, and how can I Google them? Every party store I went to had no recollection of them and I always left feeling incomplete and concerned that I might be crazy for thinking they ever existed…