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The Art of Design #20: Flyers

The flyer. That pesky little windshield nuisance that you can’t seem to get away from when you leave your car parked, is one of the best marketing tools you can use. Yet, with the onslaught of flyers that a person receives, how do you break away and be that one they keep! This week we bring you tons of inspiration, some great tutorials and a whole stack of tips to keep your flyer on top of the heap and your message on the forefront of people’s minds. Only here at The Art of Design: Flyers.

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The Art of Design #3: Flyers

Music, businesses, events, coupons… the list is endless for the marketing possibilities of flyers. Yet, how do you stand out from the onslaught of vibrant flyers that you compete with on a windshield, counter or wall?

Today we’ve brought you some inspiration, some tips, some templates and some great resources on designing the best flyer you can design; only here at the NDF Blog’s Art of Design: Flyers!

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Next Day Flyers’ Featured Customer – Azad

Next Day Flyers’ Featured Customer –
Azad: Photographer and Graphic Designer

“Good photography makes eye contact.”

Azad, of azadphoto, has spent the last 20 years photographing art and he also helps artists advertise their own work by using his talent to design and develop their promotional material. Over the years the Azadphoto team has produced hundreds of projects for artists – from beautiful business cards and postcards to full color flyers and high-end elegant catalogs.

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How to Create Beverage Menus that Increase Profit

Your beverage menu is a direct statement about the kind of experience your customers can expect to have1 at your establishment which makes menus a key marketing tool – and a key to increasing profits. Introducing a cocktail menu or redesigning an old one can lead to an instant increase in overall sales2 and an effectively designed menu will increase earnings by guiding customers to order items you want them to buy – profitable items. So, how do you do this?

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