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Email Subject Lines: The Key that Opens the Door to Success

For most folks, their email inbox is an overcrowded and scary place.

Dozens of emails clamor for attention and call out to be opened. Many are scams. Others are spam. And some are carrying damaging payloads of viruses and worse. And amongst all that are the real emails that a person needs to respond to.

In this kind of environment, it’s essential to make your subject line compelling and convincing enough to get opened. Because, no matter how smart and creative your email is, if your subject line is trivial and dull – it will never be opened.

Sweet Spot #21: Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget

I, like most people, am guilty of what some call “champagne taste on a beer budget” or “eyes bigger than her stomach” or “expensive” or simply “living beyond her means”. It’s a heavy load to bear, especially without help from trust funds or doctor salaries. Lately, with the help of a growing number of discount shopping sites, made popular by Groupon, shopping has become much more accessible, affordable, easier and less stressful than outlets and Ross. No more buying generic or fake to get the deal; we want the real deal, the name brand!

The White List #7: Tips for Improving your Email Copy

When asked to write a weekly blog article I was skeptical. After all, I’m not the copy writer here at NDF. I have done some copy editing but beyond that it isn’t my main function here. So when I came across this article from Vertical Response with 13 tips to Improving Email Copy, I jumped on it and thought I would pass this along to you!

5 Low-Budget Ways to Build Revenue with Email Marketing

These days, it seems like everyone is looking for creative ways to make money without spending it. Sounds impossible right? And we all know that email is a great way to get your message across to your clients, but not everyone knows there are some simple things you can do to build revenue without overspending your budget. If used correctly and sent to a well targeted audience, emails can be an effective low-budget way to generate revenue and build strong relationships with your customers. Here are five simple and effective ways to use email to make a profit.

Finding the Best Email Service Provider (ESP), 5 Things you should know

(Article 2: Email marketing for beginners)

An Email Service Provider is what you want when you need a service for email marketing. Basically, you control your account and they do the “heavy lifting.”1 Choosing an Email Service Provider (ESP) is a little like shopping around for a house – you should look for one that suits your particular needs and budget.