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Tag: Direct Mail

Direct Mailers to Die For! 5 Ways to Promote & 5 of the Best Mail Promotions You’ll Ever See!

Let’s be honest, your postcard mailer and other direct mail campaigns can get a little pricey if you want to do something customized and unique. Once you’ve factored in the number of recipients, postcard mailing rate, and other mailing necessities, there is often little left in your budget to spend on the actual prints! But the strength and success of a campaign is not necessarily in the printing expense but in the idea itself. Here are 5 ways that you can stand-out-from-the-crowd and 5 brilliant examples of successful postcard mailer and direct mailing campaings:…

The Art of Design #19: Postcards

Classic and heartwarming. Efficient and clean. Direct and informative. These are just some of the beneficial aspects of a long time member of the direct marketing family, The Postcard. Stay inspired, stay updated on trends, stay informed on techniques and stay at the top of your direct marketing game with this week’s The Art of Design: Postcards.

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