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Tag: digital marketing

Testing: The Tool That Builds More Effective Marketing

Testing is one of the fundamental tools employed to improve the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

A/B or Split-Testing are two names for the way the results of one element of a campaign – an email, a landing page or a banner ad – is compared with another to determine the effect a specific variable has on the outcome.…

Marketing In the Digital Age: A Short Course in Success for the Online Entrepreneur

With more and more people earning extra money or earning a living by selling online, the number of websites dedicated to this pursuit is still growing exponentially. With ebay being the granddaddy there are sites like etsy, zazzle, café press, and others that provide a wealth of handholding to a person who is just starting out. Here’s an easy to digest serving of sincerely implementable ideas that will help you emerge from the masses of sellers.