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Tag: design tips

Design Resolutions – 7 Ways to Start 2013 with a Fresh New Design Attitude!

Let’s all be bolder and more courageous this year. Let’s all come out of the shadows in 2013 by fighting harder for contracts and creating wild and innovative work.
Last year was just a warm up. This design year is going to be the main event where we blow EVERYBODY away! Here are 7 pieces of design advice to help you start 2013 with a bright and shiny new attitude:…

Art of Design #38: Pushing the Envelope

Direct response is part art and part science. It’s where creativity can be measured in dollars and cents. The envelope gets opened, or it doesn’t. It’s that simple. So for all of you folks on the front lines of creating packages that must be opened and need to stimulate sales, here are some award winning examples from our friends Down Under!…

Graphic Design Roundup #47: The Four Stages of Thinking Like A Designer

Everyone can learn from studying the ways successful designers solve problems. An informal study of more than a hundred leading designers in various fields observed four key behaviors that seemed to be of second nature.

These deep-rooted habits were linked to a designer’s skill for bringing original ideas to life as innovative visual ideas. The four most important acts successful designers do to achieve significant breakthroughs are……