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Copy Chat: How to Grab Your Readers’ Attention and Close the Deal

Information overload. We’re bombarded, bamboozled, or bored, by a never ending stream of too much of too much the same.  You might have the greatest product since (fill in the blank with your favorite product here), but unless you get people to pay attention your business can still fail. 

Your Online Content Hit List

The demand for fresh content is growing because, in essence, people, and search engines love it. In today's market, companies need copy not only for their websites, printed promotions, email campaigns, and press releases, but for Twitter, Facebook, blogs…and on and on into the night. It seems every day there's a new social media something we're supposed to check out and incorporate into our marketing mix. And with Google social search now live it's more important than ever to provide a steady stream of unique, interesting copy, that begs to be read. This is not easy to accomplish and requires innovation and nose to the grindstone. But to help speed up the process for you, here is a list of copy strategies that you need to make sure you hit while you go through the writing process.  

How to Turn Your Web Traffic into Money with Awesome Landing Pages (Part 1)

Introducing A Next Day Flyers Blog Series:
Part 1
: 7 Tips for Landing Page Content that Sells

A landing page is basically any webpage where you are trying to send web traffic for a specific reason – such as buy, sign up, or find something of value. And we’re not talking about your home page here. We’re talking about a specific web page that you’ve developed which has specialized content – specialized content that goes hand in hand with whatever tool you used to drive the traffic to that landing page. Traffic-driving tools can include PPC (pay per click search marketing), banner ads, email links, and blog posts.1