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Tag: Copy Chat

Copy Chat: Humor in Advertising

Many of the most memorable advertising campaigns have been humorous. Over the years, countless advertisers have used this strategy to attract customers. Audiences want to be entertained, not subjected to a hard sell. People pay attention to humorous commercials because it makes them comfortable. This makes them let down their guard –leaving them open to be influenced.

Copy Chat: A Handful of Tips to Improve Your Writing

Most writers make a similar mistake (who can blame them?). They believe that people love to read – an easy assumption to make because most writers love to read. Becoming a better writer requires this perception to be set aside and write to a reader who is reluctant at best and is, for the most part, resistant to reading at all.

Copy Chat: 8 Tips to Polish Your Content Marketing Skills

Though the basis of content marketing has been around for ages, its recent popularity as a marketing buzzword makes it seem all shiny and brand new. And if you’re feeling like your “old” skills aren’t quite shiny enough for the new era, here are some quick content marketing tips to give you a little polish.