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Beyond Design: Elaine Weber

Designers are such multi-talented and versatile people. In fact, it’s not too surprising that their gifts cannot be contained in a single creative outlet. Thus, the inspiration for this periodically recurring blog post: “Beyond Design.” It allows us to shine the spotlight on an individual who excels in more than one line of work. So please allow us to introduce Elaine Golub Weber – a graphic designer who also designs and makes purses and tote bags.…

Beyond Design: What’s Cookin’ with Luke Livengood

Designers are such fascinating people. They ooze with talent. So much so, that it can hardly be contained by a single creative outlet. That’s why we have a periodically recurring blog post like “Beyond Design” that allows us to shine the spotlight on a multi-faceted individual who excels in more than one line of work. So please allow us to introduce Luke Livengood – a designer who is also a restaurateur and executive chef.

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Beyond Design: Andrew Tester

Andrew is a man wedded to his passions. He considers design to be his wife and photography to be his mistress. Highly talented, Andrew has designed junior Graphic Tees for the Max and Miley Cyrus line, and a couple of years ago he started the design firm, Golden Ticket Photography // Design. His goal of creating a place where designers and artists could expand their creativity and exceed their potential has worked; Golden Ticket is growing and successful.

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Beyond Design: Juliet Annerino

Juliet Annerino is a singer and composer of jazz, neo-soul and lounge. Her first foray into performing began in the subways of Chicago, where she learned to perform for a diverse and challenging audience. Her talent has taken her across the world and she has performed at concert halls, nightclubs, festivals, theaters and private events in Chicago, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, New York City, Los Angeles, Cairo(Egypt), Amsterdam(Holland), Paris(France), Goa(India), Madrid (Spain), Rome (Italy) and Beirut (Lebanon).

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Beyond Design: Marcus Kiser

Featured Designer: Marcus Kiser

Marcus Kiser merges graphic design and illustration to create “a hybrid of goodness for the soul,” that is inspired by an eclectic mix of comic art, social/political events and the hip hop culture. He’s been an artist for most of his life, beginning as a kid when he loved to doodle and draw. His official beginning dates back to grade school when he found a friend’s comic book one day and tried to mimic it. After that, he was hooked.

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Beyond Design – Jen James

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and in celebration of the yearly feast this month’s Beyond Design offers a tasty twist – sweets! We’re featuring Jen James, graphic designer, photographer, and self-taught culinary pastry expert.  With a strong background in marketing she founded Jen James Design in the summer of 2008. She’s always been drawn to creativity and at age 24 decided to be her own boss doing what she loves most – being creative.

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Beyond Design – Chris Ayers

Chris is living proof that those cool, Hollywood stories really do come true sometimes. You’ve heard the story before; a dreamer packs all their worldly possessions into their car and drives west to Hollywood hoping to become an artistic star. And guess what? He did.

Chris has been doing artwork for as long as he can remember. One of his first entrepreneurial ventures was designing and selling an extensive line of greeting cards in grade school, which he aptly named, “Chris Cards.” Twelve years ago he studied art in college doing caricatures and other freelance gigs to help pay the bills. He now pays the bills creating character designs for big Hollywood movies such as Fantastic Four and X-men.

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