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Sweet Spot #6: Plan to Plate the Perfect Party

I don’t even know how I found these, but I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life! It was like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. I dreamt about the Holy Grail of party plates, but couldn’t ever find it. I knew I’d seen them somewhere before, but what are they called, and how can I Google them? Every party store I went to had no recollection of them and I always left feeling incomplete and concerned that I might be crazy for thinking they ever existed…

… Have you seen these disposable plates for cocktail parties? Hole on one side for the wine glass? Frees your other hand? …No? Never heard of it? Why are you looking at me like I’m delusional? ….

Meet the GoPlate. It is part plate, part cafeteria tray, part extra hand – all party! It’s not the cocktail plate I’ve been looking for, but I think I like this one better! The plate has different sections so the food doesn’t touch, and an indented hole in the middle to fit your cup or beer bottle. I don’t use my fancy stemware for parties anyway, all my friends drink beer or liquor. Even better, they are plastic, AND dishwasher safe, so I can totally reuse them! At about $1 per plate, it wont be the end of the world if some were thrown out on accident. I’m thinking my BBQ’s will never be the same!

Ok, I’ll stop writing now so you can just go ahead and buy some HERE

While you’re at it, here is the second best product they carry…

Etch-It Write-On Party Cups. No more looking for the Sharpie so everyone can mark their cup. These have their own labels – no markers necessary. Because these are so fun they invite everyone to tag their cups, making my life as a hostess much easier. I’m just giddy.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Spot #6: Plan to Plate the Perfect Party

  1. I’d be worried I’d get to a point where I would try to take a drink without taking the plate off the bottle and then I’m wearing my food. Those Etch-It’s sound awesome though.

    Good finds all around!

  2. These are some cool products. I really like the Go Plate. I could see me using that everywhere I go. For example my job, a party I’m not invited too, and so many other places.

    Great post.

  3. I’ll have to get these when I finally have my housewarming! But I would also be scared I’d end up wearing my food too…because I’m that smart. 🙂

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