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Survey Shows Value of Custom Print and Online Content

New research suggests the value of custom marketing content has grown substantially within the past few years, with both consumers and marketers finding greater use for the strategy.

The study, conducted by the Custom Content Council, found 87 percent of chief marketing officers perceive custom content as valuable or very valuable, up 15 percent compared to five years ago. Additionally, 90 percent claimed they believe consumers find the material useful.

While the increase in usage may be attributable to the growth of online media, print remains an equally viable customer content venue, as marketers are able to forge more personalized and targeted direct mail, brochures, posters and other print materials.

Mike Winkleman, president of Leverage Media, spoke about the report at the fourth annual Custom Content Council conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

"Five years ago, there were some questionable things. There was only a faith on the part of marketers that people were using it," Folio magazine quotes Winkleman as saying.

Now, he added, "It's an integrated marketing campaign. It's not tactical anymore."

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