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Survey finds nearly three-quarters of large companies use direct mail

Recently updated on April 5th, 2011 at 11:44 am

While social media is often viewed as the next big thing in various marketing circles, its effectiveness is a cause for ongoing research and user trial-and-error. For that reason, many businesses are relying on the traditional and well-understood practice of direct mail.

New research by marketing platform provider Luma Technologies has found direct mail is used on a large scale at both the corporate and franchise/branch level among large companies.

According to the survey, 73 percent of respondents utilize direct mail programs. Additionally, 82 percent plan to spend the same amount or more on channel marketing programs this year.

"We found the results of the survey enlightening – specifically that a third of marketers surveyed find that their local marketing programs are potentially misusing their brand, logo or marketing message," said Erik Laurijssen, Luma CMO and executive vice president of platform, alliances and channels.

As the economy continues to improve, businesses both large and small are expected to increase their marketing budgets in order to stay in step with competitors. As this trend emerges, companies should utilize everything from direct mail to print flyers to social media to optimize their brand exposure.

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