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Study: Nearly Two-Thirds of Small Businesses Invest in Print Advertising

A survey released Tuesday by Capital One finds small businesses in the first quarter of this year were more optimistic about economic conditions, with 61 percent of respondents expecting business performance to exceed that of 2010.

However, the report also noted the various marketing and promotional strategies employed among small businesses. According to the data, newspaper and print advertisements were the most popular marketing channel, with 62 percent of respondents invested in it.

"While we are still seeing businesses taking a cautious approach to spending and hiring," said Pete Appello, executive vice president of small business banking at Capital One, "overall business conditions appear to be improving, and their economic outlook has been growing more positive over the past two quarters."

The study, which involved more than 1,900 small businesses from across the country, may reflect the sturdiness of print as a marketing medium, with many companies still heavily relying on its traditional and physical appeal.

Another recent study by Luma Technologies suggests that even large businesses find great value in print, with 73 percent of channel marketers claiming they utilize direct mail programs.

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One thought on “Study: Nearly Two-Thirds of Small Businesses Invest in Print Advertising

  1. I think that print advertisements will remain strong for some time. The rise of social media doesn’t necessarily mean the end of print marketing, but it may mean that marketers will need to change the way they look at mailers and other print ads. Services and technologies such as Twitter and QR codes have changed the way that messages are delivered to and seen by consumers, and print advertisers should take note of this and think of ways to make their print campaigns relevant in the age of social media.

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