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Stickers Help Designers Undertake a Campaign of Guerrilla Marketing

Today's advertising landscape is littered with all manner of attempts to capture the attention of consumers. Interactive media, omnipresent marketing and subtle tricks have all found their way into the mainstream of brand awareness and self promotion. Consequently, individuals who are attempting to promote their art or talent need to think outside of the box.

One way to do this is called guerrilla marketing. This type of advertisement is meant to be stealthy and low-key while having a strong impact on the public. It essentially seeks to pique people's interests, usually with a design or slogan. Once individuals are interested enough, they'll check out the website, shop or store to which the campaign corresponds.

There are many different ways to engage in such efforts. Some people choose to embrace posters as their medium for raising awareness, while others simply concentrate their efforts on internet marketing. However, one of the best may be to simply use stickers. In cities, these devices can be found on poles, posters, notice boards and in the windows of shops. A 2×3.5 printed sticker instantly grabs one's attention, especially with a striking design or message. Carefully select the method by which you'll deploy your campaign and start printing today.  

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