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Social media and print marketing maintain a causal relationship

While print marketing campaigns such as direct mail or brochure handouts can offer tactile reinforcement for business product or service promotions, it will only go so far, as consumers need additional points of contact to solidify a message.

A recent survey by Foviance and Econsultancy, both online marketing consultancies, found that only 22 percent of businesses maintain a properly developed strategy for improving customer experience. Meanwhile, 68 percent of respondents recognize a link between customers and long-term company performance.

The data suggest multichannel marketing is firmly integrated with customer experience. Although marketing is intended to draw consumers in while customer experience measures loyalty and retention, the two maintain a vital causal relationship.

 "The rise of social networks has put the power with customers and it has never been more important for organizations to create an environment where customers notice a positive difference," said Foviance CEO Paul Blunden. "Customers are no longer prepared to accept that businesses are still learning and view their multichannel interactions through a single lens sharing their experiences widely and candidly."

With the dawn of social media as a principle marketing technique, it is important to ensure a balance. Consider offering a print flyer or brochure for physical distribution, while offering a similar, but not identical, offer online. Such differences will entice consumers to both – thereby maximizing your cross-channel effectiveness.

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