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SMBs: Social media less effective than direct mail

Social media is arguably the most sensational development in the world of business marketing since search engine optimization. But there has long been disagreement over how effective the channel really is. While it affords users the ability to connects with millions of people, it is notoriously difficult to track and gauge return on investment.

A recent study from eMarketer found more small and mid-sized business believe direct mail has greater “proven effectiveness” than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like. According to the survey, conducted by Pitney Bowes, 36 percent of respondents reported they use direct for its proven effectiveness, compared to social media (30 percent), quick response codes (17 percent) and mobile marketing (18 percent).

“SMBs also tended to feel nearly as comfortable and knowledgeable with social media as they did with email, ahead of other channels,” the report reads. “Social media fell behind two other marketing tactics – direct mail and advertising – in ‘proven effectiveness,’ however.”

A recent study by MaganGlobal confirmed the popularity of direct mail, projecting total ad revenue from the channel will increase by 0.8 percent this year, compared to 0.7 percent in 2010.

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