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Six Direct Mail Strategies That Really Work!

Direct mail campaigns can help you get your message in front of a new audience as well as bring repeat customers back. Below are six steps to consider for your next direct mail postcard.

1.  Clearly define the mission of your piece:

Does your piece pass the AIDA test? Plan and review your piece to ensure it accomplishes the following:

> Attention:  Does your postcard grab their attention?

> Interest:  Is your offer interesting to the person reading it?

> Desire:  Does your postcard design create a desire for your product or more information?

> Action:  Are you asking the reader to take action and giving them the steps they need to take to buy your product?

2.  Build an ongoing strategy to find new customers like your best customers.

Look over any records you might have that will tell you who your customers are and what they bought from you.  Find the customers who purchased most recently, most often and who spent the most money.  Once your best customers have been identified, find out what they have in common with each other.  Now, you are ready to purchase a mailing list to reach them.

3.  Do more of what you do best.

Discover what special niche sets you apart from your competitors and rent a specialized list that will target the customers who are in need of the unique, special services and products you offer.

4.  Reactivate inactive customers.

If a customer hasn’t done business with you in a while, try sending them a special offer to remind them of your company and spark new interest.

5.  Mail Often!

Top of mind is where you need to be and you must be repetitive to be top of mind. Here are ways you can stay top of mind:

> Inform your customers:  Everyone appreciates knowledge; make your customers experts on your products

> Help your customers:  Update them consistently with relevant information about how your product can help them achieve their goals.

> Surprise your customers:  Remember their birthdays, anniversaries, children’s birthdays and send them a nice greeting postcard.

> Thank your customers:  Send them a postcard to thank them for ordering every time and they’ll remember you next time.

> Reward your customers:  Send them a special discount after every 5th order or so.

> Mail anytime you have news, an event, benefit to your customers and prospects.

6.  Update your address list and save on postage.

More than 44 Million Americans change their address each year.  Many of them are good customers of yours – customers you value. But not all of them told you they moved.

If you want to keep these customers, you have to make sure your mail reaches them. That’s why it’s good business to update your address lists now. Next Day Flyers is committed to making you sure you get the most for your money. We are doing that by working with customers to make sure databases are updated frequently and accurately to improve the overall accuracy of address information.

That’s where our Move Update service comes in. It’s one of a number of great ways to help you reach your customers in an efficient and cost-effective way. We currently offer these services to ensure delivery of your mail.

For additional information how to grow your business with Mailing Strategies, please contact us at (800) 251-9948.


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