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Shoppers more likely to take a second glance at images with human faces, study finds

Shoppers are more likely to respond to advertisements with human faces, a survey released this week found. According to EYE, a mall media specialist, 47.8 percent of shoppers passing a poster with a face on it will take a second look.

"It takes approximately 10 seconds for people to move past a given ad as they are walking around," Michelle Schiano, vice president of marketing for EYE, told Marketing Daily, "and they spend two seconds looking at it. That means advertisers really only get two seconds of exposure, so you want to make sure your brand is well positioned."

What's more the results applied equally to both men and women, while advertisements containing women were stared at longer by both sexes. Although the study – which was conducted in malls and audiences across the globe – applied to mall shoppers, its implications extend into other areas of consumerism.

"They were all absorbed by the advertising in the mall," added Schiano. "And it was intriguing that there didn't seem to be any fatigue, which means having multiple placements in the mall makes good sense for raising brand awareness."

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