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Serving Food of Any Kind Calls For a Printed Menu

One of the best ways to get customers, art enthusiasts, sports fans and non-profit donors to attend an event is to serve food. A catered affair will draw in people who make large donations and makes a statement about an organization, while a subtle get-together with hors d'oeuvres and snacks can help to create an intimate setting and makes people feel as if they're part of an elite group.

No matter what pattern that food service takes, a printed menu is a great way to highlight the food and offer information to attendees. An 8×9 two-panel printed menu is the perfect way to inform people about what food there is to offer, how it was prepared, which restaurants or shops sponsored it and why it was selected.

Additionally, a menu is a great place in which to insert more tidbits and trivia about an organization. Art showings can include examples of an artist's work that isn't present at the gallery in a menu, while non-profit organizations can include brief descriptions of their origins and work. Any sort of information is appropriate to convey in a menu – just as long as there is enough room inside to describe the food itself.  

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