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Sell Sheets Aren’t Necessarily Just For Businesses

A sell sheet is a useful printed product that is able to quickly share the details of a product or service with customers. Unlike flyers and brochures, which require customers to open them and scan through a great deal of information, sell sheets need little operation and can quickly capture people's attention. Such tactics are most often used by companies that are branding themselves.

However, another type of organization can use 8.5×11 inch sell sheets to great effect. Private schools and universities that need to quickly communicate the tone and atmosphere that they offer to students can do so on the front of a sell sheet. These marketing materials are at their best when one side contains bold and striking images while text is relegated to the obverse side.

The back can be saved for the essential details. While not going into the same level of detail that other printed materials might, a sell sheet can offer a rundown of the classes, teachers and facilities that a school is home to. When parents are required to sift through pamphlet after pamphlet and website after website to choose the facility that will give their children the best chance to succeed in life, a concise yet informative marketing material will be the most appealing. 

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