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Returning Confidence to Print Marketing

Print marketing is gradually beginning to narrow its demographics, as consumers are increasingly reached through digital media. However, just as nobody can live entirely online, no marketing campaign can sustain in an entirely web-based existence.

So as media continues to evolve, marketers will need to become ever more creative to ensure that their products and services stand out among the competition. But as MP Mueller points out in The New York Times, many of the innovations, technological breakthroughs and cultural trends that have allowed for this shift in marketing are also beginning to inhibit out creative capabilities.

For example, take social media, the freedom and openness of which have forced companies to cower away from assertiveness and confidence in their messages, acquiescing to criticism at every corner.

Mueller, an advertising executive himself, also blames a public obsession with political correctness for stifling innovation, citing an example from his own firm.

"Our agency produced a TV spot for the Blood & Tissue Center as part of a campaign," he writes. "The campaign increased blood donations by double digits, but we were asked to pull this ad from rotation because of a few complaints. It depicts a heavy-set middle-aged woman running with boxes for an elevator."

While he is not advocating marketers go out and start insulting people, he is suggesting that they need to maintain a balance and not accommodate whatever random plea flies in from left field.

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