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Restaurant marketing should be more personal

A survey conducted earlier this year by the National Restaurant Association found that the No. 1 special occasion for dining out is someone's birthday, with 55 percent of respondents claiming they went out to eat on their birthday.

However, many small businesses in the restaurant industry fail to implement appropriate marketing campaigns aimed at encouraging this trend. Data accumulated from various surveys, research studies and the U.S. Census Bureau can be made available to restaurant marketers so they can design campaigns that communicate on a friendly level.

Plastic Card City, a gift card company, has designed a new program that addresses restaurant consumers on a more personal level – an approach that has been proven to be more effective for attracting recipients' attention. The company has found that personalized greetings and print marketing materials greatly improves the chances of a response.

Restaurant marketers can also utilize social media to learn more about their potential clients. However, good marketing is about campaigns that embrace multiple channels. Offering flyers, brochures or even postcard can help solidify you restaurant in the minds of your consumers. Likewise, retain loyalty among your customers with unique menu layouts and design.

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