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Report Outlines Printing Industry’s Road to Recovery

While most industries look forward to the the economic recovery as the light at the end of the tunnel for their financial struggles, the printing industry is a bit more tentative. Whether the economy is expanding or shrinking, print media faces substantial challenges as new digital and web-based technologies pose direct threats to the medium’s viability.

To address this concern, the National Association for Printing Leadership has released a report suggesting how printers can recover from the recession – a process that will not be easy, but is entirely feasible.

“An improving economy will act as a relief valve for the extreme pressure many businesses found themselves under during the recession, but a relief valve is temporary – it doesn’t lead to a permanent fix and it doesn’t create the changes needed to be successful going forward,” said NAPL senior economist Joseph Vincenzino. “Those changes will have to be generated internally.”

NAPL senior vice president and chief economist Andrew Paparozzi pointed out that in past recessions, printers had the luxury of recovering alongside the economy. Now, however, the industry must forge its own path.

Vincenzino agreed, adding, “In other words, we need to generate our own recovery – our own future – to be successful.”

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